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Hitman Developers Reveal Details On Its Next Game

by Prima Games Staff

Following up on the 2012 release Hitman: Absolution, IO Interactive is hard at work on the next chapter of the series. Today, in a new blog post on the official Hitman site, it provided a few details on what players can expect.

First off, the game will utilize the same engine that powered Absolution, Glacier 2. However, there will be some changed to the design. This upcoming game will feature the largest environments to date, as well as a checkpoint-free, sandbox-style set-up. This may come as a welcome relief for Absolution players who were frustrated by previous checkpoint settings.

In addition, the popular Contracts Mode will return in the game, allowing players to challenge one another to beat each other’s scores.

Finally, Agent 47 will have a more limited arsenal this time around, only being able to carry so much gear on him to complete jobs. This may open up a new level of improvisation for the game, forcing Agent 47 to use items in the environment to get his kills more effectively.

The new Hitman game hasn’t been given a title or release date, but it is coming to next-gen platforms and PC soon. We’ll have more details as we get them.

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