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Hitman 3 In the Works From IO Interactive, As Well As A New IP

by Liana Ruppert

The developers over at IO Interactive, the studio that gave us the iconic Hitman franchise, is busy at work on Hitman 3 but that’s not all! The team is also hard at work on a brand new IP as well branching away fro our favourite bald-headed assassin. 

The revelations came from the hit YouTube series NoClip, a channel that has given us closer than ever looks at inside the gaming industry, working closely with the developers that gave us some of our most beloved videogame experiences. Their latest documentary, called “The Fall & Rise of Hitman” details the very rocky road that the studio faced but how the sequel to Hitman proved that they’ve come back in a big way. 

At the end of NoClip’s latest documentary, it was revealed that IO has opened a secondary studio and this one is 100% dedicated to continuing the Hitman storyline, including Hitman 3. But that’s not all that was revealed, it was also mentioned that the team is veering away from Hitman with another team to bring gamers a new IP that’s unlike previous works they’ve created. 

As for the documentary itself, it’s an incredibly interesting watch. IO definitely hit some major pitfalls in the past, including dealing with the possibility of a total shutdown. The interviews with some of the veteran develops are emotionally charged and truly show a more human side to this industry and what it took to eventually move to a healthier place alongside Warner Bros. 

Interested in checking it out yourself? You can learn more about Hitman 3 and the studio’s growth in the video below: 

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