Though it hasn’t been formally announced (it’s supposedly going to be part of a  “big announcement” at the Marvel Games panel at Comic-Con this Saturday), it looks like Activision and High Moon Studios, the teams behind the Transformers games, are ready to make a killing with a primate.

If you head over to the domain name, you’ll see that High Moon Studios has been registered as working on a game based on the comic book series.  And it’s a Marvel property, so there you go.

In the series, you can read up about a Japanese Macque who observes human assassins and decides that he can do one better, so you can probably expect a heaping amount of action in the game, similar to Hitman, but with probably a lot more action.  At least, that’s what we can surmise from what we’ve seen in High Moon’s latest project, Fall of Cybertron.

The game is teased to be coming for 2013, but no other official details or platforms have been unveiled as of yet.  We’ll know more come this Saturday, when the team is expected to make its official announcement.