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The Historical Strategy Game Humankind Has Been Delayed To August 17

by Jesse Vitelli

The next Amplitude Studio game Humankind has been delayed to August 17. After a lengthy post from the developers, the game will now be coming out later than originally anticipated.

The Historical Strategy Game Humankind Has Been Delayed To August 17

For those unfamiliar with Humankind, it’s a historical strategy game in the 4x genre. The game was originally slated to come out on April 22 of this year. 

Here is the official note delaying the game.

“Hello everyone! 

In the weeks since the Lucy OpenDev, we’ve been reading a lot of feedback. While many players told us they see great potential in Humankind, they also offered a lot of constructive criticism, and often expressed concern if the game could live up to this potential in the time until release. 

After taking stock of your feedback, of where we are with the game, and where we want it to be when we release, we have decided to postpone the release until August. We agree with you all, the game will be incredible with a little extra time, and we think we are lucky to have passionate fans like you who support us up in that decision. 

At times like these, I am also reminded that we made the right choice when joining SEGA, who has been incredibly supportive of this decision. They believe in Humankind as much as we do, and they have been a great partner in realizing our vision of the game. 

Thank you all for your support.”

While the delay might be disappointing to some, it’s mostly positive. In fact, Amplitude is adding two more avatars to the pre-order bonus to show their support to fans who believe in the game. Lucy and Edgar Allen Poe will be those two avatars.

As for more specific feedback notes and changes, all of them can be found here. Amplitude is making a lot of changes to the game and laid them all out in the blog post.

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Humankind will release on August 17, 2021, for PC and Stadia.

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