High Moon Studios is keeping plenty busy as it is at the moment, doing post-production work on its upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game and preparing for a panel that will take place next Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con.  But that isn’t stopping them from working with Activision on an all-new project.

The team has confirmed that it is, in fact, working on an all new Marvel Comics property, though it’s saving the unveiling of said project for the Marvel Video Games panel, where Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes MMO and Ubisoft’s The Avengers: Battle For Earth will also be highlighted.

We’ll have full details on this project shortly after its release.

Activision will also host a multiplayer event next week at Comic-Con as well for Fall of Cybertron, introducing the battle elements that players have been craving since they played War For Cybertron a couple of years back.  We’ll have full details on that through a later report.  Stay tuned for more fun from the Comic-Con floor!