Ready for some Metal Gear madness next week in Seattle?

With PAX Prime set to go in a matter of days, the streets of that city will be flooded with geeky gamers everywhere.  But that isn't stopping the celebrities from coming out either, as Hideo Kojima, producer of the popular Metal Gear franchise, will be on hand to discuss his hit franchise at a special panel.

Moderated by GTTV's Geoff Keighley, Kojima will participate in a lively discussion that talks about everything Metal Gear, including games that inspired its birth, the present state of the franchise, and, most importantly, what's coming in the future -- aside from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, obviously.  The panel kicks off at 1 PM Saturday, September 1st, at the Paramount Theater, very close to the convention center where PAX is being held this year. 

Even if you're not attending, you can still help decide what questions Kojima will be asked through a special poll over on the Metal Gear Solid Facebook page.  Head over and help an interviewer out!

Oh, and if you see me at PAX, don't hesitate to say hi!  I'm quite friendly despite my handsomeness.