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Here’s How to Watch the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Reveal Live

by Liana Ruppert

Watch live video from EAStarWars on

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up to finally reveal their upcoming Star Wars game that was first teased last year during EA’s pre-E3 conference. We’ve heard talks about what the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be about, but the Star Wars Celebration going on this weekend in Chicago will be where we get to see it firsthand before its release later this year. 

Prima Games will be there live on-site this year, but for those that can’t make it to the land of deep dish pizza, you can bookmark this page right here and watch live with us! The video seen at the top of the article is a direct feed to the EA Twitch channel where the big premiere will be taking place. You can save this page to come back to this Saturday at 1:30 PM CDT if you’d like, or simply check out their Twitch channel here

We don’t know much about the upcoming game outside of a few details. What we do know is that it will be a single-player third-person action adventure game that is slated for a holiday 2019 release. We were also made aware that God of War 3’s director Stig Asmussen will be heading the new title as game director, with Fallout New Vegas’ Chris Avellone helming the story. It will also be much “darker” than fans will be expecting, according to our own sources. 

Are you excited to see what Respawn has to offer with their upcoming take on the Star Wars universe? Do you think this could be EA’s chance at a fresh start with fans as a publisher following the closing of Visceral Games and their Star Wars project? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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