So it seems Henry Cavill is up to something regarding the Mass Effect series. This isn’t too far off after appearing as Superman in the DC Cinematic universe and now, more recently, The Witcher Netflix series.

Henry Cavill May Be Working On A Mass Effect Television Or Film According To New Photo

Today, photos of Cavill holding a script seem to indicate that he is working on either a television or film series regarding Mass Effect. You can check out the photo in question below.

The words on the page were blurred so people wouldn’t be able to read what was on the page, but the folks over at were able to unblur the image and find some juicy details. 

Words such as Reaper, Cerberus, Geth, Tali’Zorah are able to be made out on the page. Unless there is another universe where all of these words also exist and would be written on a page we’re all ears.

It’s not clear what the project Cavill is working on actually is, nor do we know what role Henry Cavill is playing. We sure are excited to find out more about this project and hopeful an official announcement is coming soon.

Is Henry Cavill going to be Shepard? Maybe he will take on our favorite Turian Garrus Vakarian. Who knows, but an official announcement can’t be too far behind now that some of these leaks are out in the wild.

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