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Hello Neighbor Launches Friday, Release Time Announced

by Josh Hawkins

Fans of the indie stealth drama will rejoice this Friday when Dynamic Pixels upcoming horror game, Hello Neighbor finally releases into the wild. For the past several months players have been able to pre-purchase the game, giving them access to a series of betas and alpha versions of the game, all of which have allowed the developers to gather more info about the game, the issues that might be hidden within, and more. Now, as the end of the week grows nigh, publisher tinyBuild has released two new launch trailers to help get players hyped up for the final release.

The first trailer that they’ve released is a pre-launch teaser, that showcases some of the things that players will have to deal with as they try to thwart their neighbor and gain access to the basement, where he’s hiding all sorts of strange things that players will have to uncover.

The second trailer is a showcase of the new basement that will arrive with the final build of the game, and players can get a taste of the music and animations that they’ll uncover throughout the game.

Hello Neighbor will launch this Friday on PC and Xbox One. The game’s final update will be pushed out live across steam at 6am PST. There’s currently no news about when players will be able to dive into the update on the Xbox One, but we’ll let you know if that information changes.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the launch trailers above and prepare yourself for the game’s launch at 6AM PST this coming Friday. There are secrets to be revealed, and its your job to break into your neighbor’s house and discover what kind of dark secrets he’s hiding in his basement.

Josh Hawkins

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