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Haven Gets a PS5 Release Date

by Morgan Shaver

The indie game Haven from The Game Bakers is set to release on PS5 on December 3. For those unfamiliar with the game, it follows two lovers named Yu and Kay who’ve run away together to a mysterious planet. 

Even though the game follows two main characters simultaneously, it was designed as a solo experience.

If you’d rather play with a friend or partner though you can as Haven will also support co-op at launch with transitions from solo to co-op play shown as being quick and seamless.

Haven Gets a PS5 Release Date

If you’re getting a PS5 on or after November 12, you’ll have a number of games to entertain you from AAA releases like Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls to charming indies like Haven.

Developed by The Game Bakers, Haven is scheduled to release on PS5 on December 3. Once it’s available on PS5, you’ll be able to follow protagonists Yu and Kay as they explore the strange planet they fled to and now live on together. 

“It’s a romantic RPG about love and freedom, but a strong characteristic of the game is that you play two characters at the same time: Yu and Kay,” Emeric Thoa, Creative Director at The Game Bakers, explained

Even though you’re playing as Yu and Kay simultaneously, Haven was designed to be a single-player game. You can play through the entire thing solo, and there are co-op options available for you to dabble with as well. 

In a post on the PlayStation blog, you can see an example of what it looks like when you initiate co-op.

The transition process is quick and seamless, and the UI will show you that you’re playing in co-op with Player 1 and Player 2 displayed on the upper corners of the screen. 

When exploring by gliding over tall, colorful grass, one player leads while the other player follows.

You aren’t necessarily tied to one another in that the follower has some room to explore within the vicinity of the lead player.

“They can control what we call a ‘flowblob’, a circle of flow on the ground that they can project around them to interact with the world as they glide,” Emeric Thoa notes in the PlayStation blog post.

“They can use the flowblob to clean the rust or gather resources. The lead character chooses where to go and the following character helps clean the area.” 

You can also stop and trade off on who’s leading and who’s following as needed, no one is forced to stay in the leader role.

Trading off is as easy as initiating co-op, and it looks like it’d be fun to regularly switch back and forth with your co-op partner.

In Haven, you’ll not only explore and collect resources, you’ll also battle against aggressive creatures

“In solo combat, the game pad is split in half. You use the dpad to load Kay’s actions and the buttons for Yu’s. In co-op, each player controls their character. The players have to combine their actions.”

All of the gameplay components in Haven blend together well whether you’re playing solo, co-op, or playing a little bit solo and a little bit co-op.

Everything makes sense in relation to the bond that Yu and Kay share. Overall, we’re really looking forward to playing the game on PS5 on December 3.

The Game Bakers also confirmed that Haven will release on PS4 as previously planned, but the release date has yet to be confirmed. All we know is that Haven will be available on PS4 sometime in early 2021.

While waiting for the December 3 release date on PS5, you can learn more about Haven by checking out the game’s official website, and by watching the trailer below. 

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