With the rumored PlayStation 4 reveal just five days away at a Sony press event in New York, anticipation is going like crazy in terms of just what we'll see.  But we may have just gotten a first look as to what the controller will be like.

Sony's looking to enter the touch screen age, based upon a picture of a prototype controller that's been making its way around the web.  The first image indicated that the controller had a Move sensor installed on top, while on the front of the pad, there was a small touch screen in-between the new D-pad and the multi-face buttons, along with two analog sticks on the bottom.  As you can see from the most recent image we've found above, Sony is looking for a practical build, one that users will find comfortable as they play their favorite games.

Again, this is just rumor until Sony confirms what we need to know this Wednesday, but the controller doesn't look too bad.  It's not nearly as bulky as the Wii U pad, at least.

Look for more PlayStation 4 coverage as we get details here at Prima!