Next week will be a huge week for Rock Band fans. Not only is Harmonix putting the finishing touches on the wildly addictive Rock Band Blitz (which features gameplay elements akin to their older titles Amplitude and Frequency) but it's also preparing a cool little social app as well.


This app, called Rock Band World, integrates both your progress on Blitz and Rock Band 3, lets you challenge friends, compare scores, shop for music and accomplish social goals. You can take part in the fun for free over at and in turn complete goals that earn you coins that you can turn around to buy power-ups in the game.


"When designing Rock Band World we wanted to extend the player experience beyond the console in exciting new and social ways," said Project Director Matthew Nordhaus. "By letting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players link both Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band 3 to their large, already established social network, we're opening up some great opportunities for competitive and collaborative gameplay. We can't wait to start engaging the community with weekly Goals, and we look forward to seeing how fierce competition can get with Rock Band Blitz Score Wars!"


We've already begun playing Blitz, so good luck keeping up with our scores…


Look for Rock Band Blitz on PlayStation Network this Tuesday, and Xbox Live Arcade a day later. It'll set you back $14.99.