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Hand of Fate 2 is Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

by Larryn Bell

Hand of Fate 2, the sequel to the celebrated RPG Hand of Fate, is being dealt onto Nintendo Switch next week, according to an announcement today from the game’s developer, Defiant Development. Fans of the unique dungeon crawler can prepare for Hand of Fate 2’s Switch debut with a brand new gameplay trailer, which you can watch below. 

Hand of Fate 2 on Nintendo Switch will include all of the DLC that is available on the PC version of the game since launch through April. More free content updates are scheduled for the future as well, according to today’s press release.

“We’ve been careful not to tip our hand about this news until now, but our team is thrilled to finally announce Hand of Fate 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch,” said Morgan Jaffit, Director at Defiant Development. “We are very much looking forward to seeing fans having the opportunity to take the game on the go with this exciting new platform.”

For those unfamiliar with the series, Hand of Fate 2 is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler hybrid that doubles as a card game. In Hand of Fate 2, each adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters that shape the journey ahead. The game features a blend of real-time, action-RPG combat and card game mechanics to keep players on their toes.

Players can essentially build and create their own adventure depending on the cards they play in their hand. When you’re not facing the devious Dealer, you’ll be engaged in combat and fighting foes in real-time during the game’s plethora of quests. You must enlist new characters, complete challenges, and carefully build your deck to overcome the wiles of the enigmatic Dealer, lest your fate be sealed. 

Hand of Fate 2 will release for Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2018. The game originally released in November 2017 on PC to mostly positive reception.

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