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Halo Wars 2 Blitz Multiplayer Beta

by Bryan Dawson

Microsoft announced today that the new Blitz multiplayer mode is available in the Halo 2 Beta that starts today. The Blitz multiplayer beta is open to anyone on Windows 10 PC and for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One, and runs from today until January 30.

Blitz offers a unique twist on Halo Wars 2 gameplay by replacing the traditional RTS aspects of resource collection, base building and tech tree planning with a streamlined way to build your armies and jump straight into the action. For fans new to RTS, Blitz takes players straight into battle while RTS veterans will find opportunity for deeper strategy through deck building, army composition and counterplay. The beta is Player vs. Player only, but Blitz will also include a Player vs. Environment mode, Blitz Firefight, at launch.

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