Halo Infinite x Monster Energy Drink Collaboration Announced

Have energy drinks, will travel. At least when it comes to the newly announced Halo Infinite x Monster Energy Drink collab.

Have energy drinks,  will travel. At least when it comes to the newly announced Halo Infinite x Monster Energy Drink collab. If you’re ready to get your Master Chief on and require chemical-infused ‘goodness’ to do it, then boy are you in luck because that’s exactly what’s happening for those looking to score some exclusive loot. 

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Marketing lead for Halo Infinite Michael Wolf took to the official Xbox blog to talk about this partnership that has been in the works for “a long time.” Even though the game itself has unfortunately seen a delay, in part due to pressures from going totally remote due to COVID-19, the team is looking to offer exclusive Halo items for the game’s multiplayer with the help of the popular energy drink brand. 

So what can fans expect with these branded cans? According to Wolf, “Double XP Boosts are for use in multiplayer to double the amount of experience points earned during the time the boost is active, and you get one boost per can. Yes, that means if you purchase a case of 24 cans, you will get a code that will unlock 24 Double XP Boosts from the receipt. Players can earn up to 60 hours of Double XP Boosts with their Monster Energy purchases.

“In the U.S. between September 1 and December 31, 2020, fans who purchase limited-edition Monster Energy Halo Infinitecans at select retail stores nationwide can bank 30-minute Double XP Boosts, enter sweepstakes to win a variety of prizes, and unlock access to the Halo Infinite world through a Snapchat filter encoded on each can.”

Hopeful players that scoop up these cans can go to Monster-Halo.com to redeem the instructions on each receipt. Each receipt uploaded into the site will also act as a chance to win some grand prizes, including a trip to experience a Zero-Gravity Flight experience in Paris, France all expenses paid. Others can win a brand-new Xbox Series X console when next-gen launches in November. 

Once the receipt has been validated, players will receive points to redeem a special code to input over at Halo Waypoint, found here. When done, a few exclusive in-game items will be claimed and will automatically show up in your inventory when Halo Infinite launches next year. 

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To learn more, including banners, weapon skins, and more, check out the full blog post right here. 

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