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Halo Infinite Planned for a Holiday 2020 Release

by Liana Ruppert

E3 2019 is just a month away and Microsoft has already promised some more Halo goodness for fans to enjoy. Our previous looks at the upcoming game have been exciting, though not exactly forthcoming. Luckily, the team over at 343 has been much more transparent when talking about the new title and how it relates to their previous launches. While we still don’t have a release exactly, there is a new rumor that at least gives us a potential window.

The bad news is that the most recent rumor puts Halo Infinite’s release closer to a 2020 holiday season release. While unfortunate, that also falls in-line with previous rumors that it will be a next-gen launch title, with the next Xbox making its official debut next year (allegedly). 

We already knew that Halo Infinite would have a spotlight at this year’s showcase, though if it really is that far out, we probably won’t be getting a specific launch date revelation anytime soon. More gameplay, a new trailer, and maybe a window confirmation is likely, but a release date itself seems a bit too far off at this time.

In other Halo Infinite news, the team has been on a whirlwind talking about what’s next for the new story, including how they have learned from past mistakes following a few less-than-savory launches. 

“I think as a studio, you know, we’ve kind of gone through our own growing pains over the years,” said Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill earlier this year in an interview. “And I think we’re all really energized with the things we’re doing with the Master Chief Collection. And bringing that on the PC and sort of really moving into a more of a service model with how we deliver content and updates with MCC and really, for the first time, moving on to PC very deliberately. And then at the same time, with Infinite and the TV show, this idea of really shepherding in this new generation of Halo is really exciting for us. Like it just feels like we have all these really great pieces that we’re incredibly excited about moving forward at the same time. So that’s crazy. As developers and also just Halo fans, we are really excited about the next few years.”

This echos previous statements made by the team during various livestreams over the past several months but it looks like all of the feedback leading up to this point has been taken to heart. With more RPG aspects, bringing back what many loved about Reach, and so much more pouring into Infinite’s development, 343 is confident that the upcoming title will be exactly what fans hope for. 

We’ll be learning more soon enough with Xbox’s E3 showcase going live on June 9th! 

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