Halo Infinite Multiplayer May Not Be Available At Launch (UPDATE)

If you're excited to play some Halo Infinite multiplayer, you may have to wait just a little bit longer.

Update: Microsoft reached out saying that there is no merit to this rumor and that MP is still on track to launch with the game later this Fall. 

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Spartans got their first look at actual Halo Infinite gameplay earlier this week and it was an incredible journey seeing the modernized visuals that still retained that classic Halo overall aesthetic. From kicking Grunts to using that sweet grappling hook, there was a lot to unpack in the most recent trailer, but what about the multiplayer? For those excited to PvP it up, they may have to wait a little longer according to a recent report. 

According to one tech expert’s sources (via @Nibel), Halo Infinite’s multiplayer may not be shipping at the same time as the single-player campaign, instead opting into a split release when the multiplayer is ready to rock and roll. Take a peek at the video below at the time marker to see the full report: 

“One source is saying that the multiplayer will not be shipping with the single-player this Fall,” he began in the video above. He doesn’t go into detail about the source in question, though he, and many others, were given an opportunity to demo Halo Infinite prior to the Xbox showcase. 

The latest showcase from Xbox showed off a cinematic trailer introducing Master Chief’s pilot, as well as an up-close and personal look at the villain players, will face. Additionally, we got a chance to see some gameplay that featured the grappling hook, the open-world, and much more.

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Some aspects of the trailer were downright stunning while others looked not quite up to Xbox Series X standards. That being said, Halo has always leaned on a more cartoon-like visual experience, so personally it felt right for what Halo is known for. Not everyone agrees, however, and it looks like the reactions are split even between awe and disappointment. 

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