This morning we got a new look at the Halo Infinite campaign in a roughly six-minute video presentation. The video gives us a better idea of what the moment-to-moment gameplay in Halo Infinite will look like. So let’s dive into it.

Halo Infinite Campaign Overview Shows New Baddies, Open World, Skill Trees & More

We haven’t seen a ton from the campaign of Halo Infinite before this, outside of a few short story cutscenes introducing the new Cortana, which we now know is called “The Weapon”. In this video we see Master Chief roaming around the Zeta Halo ring, going to different markers on the overworld map.

We see him destroy a refinery, which seems similar to most open-world games Outpost that is destroyed usually for experience and resource gains. We also later see the ability to call in different vehicles like the famous all-terrain vehicle the Mongoose, the powerful and iconic Warthog, and even some flying vehicles like the Banshee. 

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We get a glimpse of the skill tree in Halo infinite, which seems to have abilities like a thruster dash, active camo, and more. It’s certainly a new way to incorporate the Halo powerups into the campaign to make Master Chief feel more powerful and distinct from the rest of the Spartans. 

It’s a jam-packed six minutes with a lot of Halo gameplay showing off the new grappling hook, the ability to throw fusion coils, and even another look at some of the enemies that will be fighting. This presentation introduced a whole new race that Chief will have to contend with on the Halo Ring. We didn’t learn the name of the new race we will be fighting, but we do know that one of them calls themself the Harbinger of Truth and tells Chief he is “Not the future” 

After seeing all of this it really is a bummer that there won’t be a campaign co-op at launch for Halo Infinite, considering it seems tailor-made for that kind of experience. 

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