The release of the Master Chief Collection on PC has allowed a whole new group of players to experience the legendary first-person shooter franchise of Halo. Halo: Reach was the first title that PC players were treated via the Master Chief Collection a couple of months ago. Now, the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary title is officially available for PC players to jump into and experience in a whole new way via the Master Chief Collection. 

Tuesday, March 3rd, saw Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary be added to the Master Chief Collection on PC that is available for players through the Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, and Steam. Players will be able to enjoy the adrenaline-fueled action of the first entry in the fan-favorite FPS franchise at its fullest potential when it comes to performance with their PCs. Players also have the option of switching between the classic graphics of the title and the remastered graphics for the PC Master Chief Collection. 

Individuals who enter into the world of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be able to enjoy the reimagined game at 60 Frames per second and higher with full 4K UHD support. Other features included in the PC Master Chief Collection version consist of "variable framerate, native mouse/keyboard support and the ability to rebind controls, support for ultra-wide displays and different aspect ratios, updated texture/shadow quality, and more."

You will also have the ability to use the classic game's audio in multiplayer and have access to improved Spartan customization. 

If you are not a member of the Xbox Game Pass for PC service or would not like to purchase the Master Chief Collection as a whole, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary can be purchased individually on the Microsoft Store and Steam for $9.99. 

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