Bungie will be bringing a special Halloween game entitled Infection for Xbox Live Gold members.

The game will begin tomorrow morning and allows up to two people begin as zombies tasked with taking over the rest of the players. Once turned, other players are then part of the zombie team and must keep doing the same.

There are three extra variations of the mode, one named Save One Bullet that only gives the humans a short stock of ammo, the second is Creeping Death in which zombies are slower but more powerful and invisible. The third alternative is called Creeping Rockets which gives the humans much bigger guns but makes the zombies a lot stronger.

Infection games will behave the same as ranked matches and allow four people to join in a group simultaneously. The match must have at least 8 people and has a limit of 13.

Apparently we’ll be seeing more of these holiday specials in the future. A handy hint for you if you’re really into the game mode is that you’ll be able to pull them back out of the Recent Games queue and reuse them during Custom matches.