It’s been revealed that Halo 3 will be getting it’s first slice of DLC on 11th December this year.

The content will be known hereafter as the “Heroic Map Pack” and, surprise surprise, includes some new maps, of which there are three.

It’ll currently set you back 800 Microsoft Points and apparently will be made free next year in anticipation of another map pack.

The maps are named Standoff, Rat’s Next and Foundry.

Standoff is a valley map, with a load of rocks in the middle and a base at either end. Objective-based and Slayer games are apparently perfect in this location.

Rat’s Nest has "vast, labyrinthine passages" and is an "indoor vehicular paradise" that’s an adaptation of an area from the main Campaign apparently decent for large team matches.

It’s possible to edit all three maps in Forge but Foundry, the third of the new maps, has been made especially to accommodate modification. The space is a warehouse and allows pretty much anything and everything to be taken away or replaced. The level features a lot of flat surfaces that will allow quick editing.