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The Halo 2 PC Version Will Go Into Testing This Month

by Liana Ruppert

Halo: Combat Evolved made its Steam debut earlier this month, and great timing with more and more people joining the stay-at-home brigade. Now 343 Industries is prepping for another Halo drop, this time with the Halo 2 PC version, including the Anniversary remake. Halo 2 is expected to launch into its testing phase on PC later on this month. 

343 took to their website to talk about their plans for March but were careful to say that the timeline may change a little bit due to production and the current state of medical crisis. According to the team over at 343, “Many of you already know this, but Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary are now on deck for the next release to PC. With that in mind, the team is heads down on creating the spec for the next series of PC flights. We’re currently planning for our next flight to include content for Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo: Reach’s Forge & Theater for PC, and potentially some Halo: Reach audio fixes. These fixes are still in progress, so currently they may or may not come in for our next series of flights.

“As a reminder, flighting is a way for us to get early access builds out to our Halo Insiders before they reach the public. Often things are rough around the edges and truly represent a work-in-progress. Building these games is a process and things can change. All of the content listed above may change and so may the timing, but if all goes well, we are targeting our next public flight for the end of March. If we remember back to earlier this year, we aimed to start flighting in January, but it ended up rolling into February when those kicked off. Please be patient as we want to get these out as quickly as possible, but in development: things happen”

So while a delay is always possible, it looks like the studio is doing everything they can to prep Halo 2 for its next home. With the wild success that previous Halo Steam drops have seen, it’s exciting to see even more make the platform-exclusive jump away from Windows exclusivity. 

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