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Hacker Reveals Lisa is Always Following You in PT

by Nicholas Barth

P.T. has become somewhat of a cult classic in the video game world, as it is no longer available for players to download and is regarded as one of the most terrifying games ever created. The reason for this high-level of horror is the game’s antagonist of Lisa, who is a nightmarish ghost that does her best to give you a heart attack at the most unexpected times. 

Most of the time, P.T. players can hear Lisa moving behind them or her shadow appearing on the walls surrounding them. However, when they turn to confront Lisa, she is no longer there. The positioning of Lisa has recently been brought into the spotlight thanks to Lance McDonald, who hacked the horror title of P.T. and discovered a terrifying fact, according to a report by IGN

McDonald revealed that Lisa is always following the player and attaches herself to the back of the player’s character whenever they get the flashlight. 

So if P.T. wasn’t already scary enough to play and watch, you could now thank Lance McDonald for making the title more terrifying with the reveal that Lisa is always right there behind you when you are making your way through the game’s house. 

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Nicholas Barth

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