H1Z1 Adds Female Survivors, Daybreak Games T-Shirt

Change your gender, put on some new threads and enjoy first person Battle Royale in the new H1Z1 update.

The developers at Daybreak continue making tweaks to their open world zombie game, H1Z1. The newest update will finally let gamers play as female survivors in both the core H1Z1 experience and Battle Royale. Unfortunately if you want to change genders, you’ll need to erase a character and then start from scratch.  

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New features don’t stop there. You can enjoy Battle Royale from the first person and you’ll see handcuff keys in the game. On top of that, you’ll be able to use flashbang grenades, and the studio enhanced textures for Green and Brown Camo beanies. Either one of those looks great paired with a Daybreak Games t-shirt. 

Below you’ll find the complete list of features in the new H1Z1 update. For more info, read Prima’s Battle Royale tips, along with 10 essential crafting recipes you cannot live without. 


  • You can now choose to be a female survivor in the H1Z1 core game and Battle Royale.
  • All existing wearable’s and emotes work for both genders, including your account items. No matter what gender you choose, skinning an item or using an emote will work for both.
  • If you wish to change gender, you will need to delete the character and recreate it.
  • Known issues: There is currently limited voice for the female character. More will be coming soon.

Other Additions 

  • All H1Z1 players will receive a “Daybreak Games” in-game t-shirt. You must own H1Z1 prior to the server wipe.
  • First Person Battle Royale is now available.
  • Offroader now has upgraded interior.
  • Green and Brown Camo beanies now have the correct texture.
  • You can no longer pick up items, open/close doors or search containers while restrained.
  • 380 rounds will now spawn in Battle Royale.
  • The recipe for yeast now gives 2 yeast instead of 10.
  • Handcuff keys are now visualized in game.
  • Added a new recipe for a metal wall that has a doorway inside of it. This can be used instead of a metal gate to gain access to your base.
  • Biofuel and ethanol now do half the damage to structures that they used to.
  • The recipe for ethanol now creates 1 ethanol instead of 5.
  • Flashbangs are now in game, they will explode after 3 seconds of being thrown and will blind anyone within a 7 meter radius. 

Construction Changes

  • “No placement” radius around bases has been increased. The owner of the base and people grouped with the owner are not affected.
  • If the owner of a foundation does not log in for a set amount of time (currently testing it at 2 weeks), the foundation reverts to un-owned, and may be claimed by another player.
  • If the owner of a foundation deletes his or her character, the base will be set to un-owned immediately. This will allow groups of friends to “hand off” management of their base to another player.
  • Test Server Issues Resolved.
  • You can now interact with everything in your inventory.
  • Night vision will turn on and off as intended.
  • Night vision goggles fit on the female model.

Now learn how to craft a bow in H1Z1. When ready, we’ll tell you exactly where to find a gun in this game.

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