August 28th, the official launch date for Guild Wars 2 is only round the corner, but even earlier access will be granted to those who pre-order or pre-purchase.

Early access begins for pre-orderers three days before the game’s official launch (August 25th) at 0:00 am Pacific time. There may even be the chance to get on a tiny bit earlier if you try in the three hours prior as ArenaNet, in a bid to avoid any Diablo 3 issues, might be putting servers online that bit earlier. If you’re after claiming the character name you really want it’s worth sitting at your computer during that time.

There’s access for pre-orderers on August 27th, one solitary day before the official launch. This will also begin at 0:00 am Pacific time. Pre-Order code registration can be done now.

For anyone who hasn’t pre-purchased or pre-ordered, you’ll be able to play at 0:00 am Pacific on August 28th.

It’s worth downloading the client now from the account management page over at the Guild Wars site so you can get access as early as possible.

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