Grid 2 Walkthrough – Part 5

Grid 2 Walkthrough - Part 5

Etnies Race Series
Dubal, Al Sufouh Strip & Paris Avenue De New York & Chicago Wabash Run
3 Rounds

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Now in the final season it is important that you win this series to set a precedence for the rest of the series. You have proven your metal in the past, and this should be no different.

This is a race series so no tricks or gimmicks needed. You need to race to the finish line and gain the most points. The racer who has the most points at the end of the series wins.

Once the race is over, you can choose between the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 or the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. Whichever one you don’t pick, you can win later in a vehicle challenge. Choose your vehicle and then head into the next series.

Zumiez Faceoff Series
Hong Kong, Kowloon Climb

This is a Faceoff series. This means that it is a series of three races with you against one other driver. It is racer against racer in dahs for first place.

Faceoffs are important. You must win every race to win the series. If not, you will need to start the race over.

Skullcandy Time Attack Series
Al Garve, Sport Circuit & Indianapolis, Infield Circuit & Yas Marina, Championship Circuit
3 Rounds

It is time for another Time Attack series. In this series, you must race against both other racers and the clock. You must gain the fastest time.

Focus on speed and taking sharp corners. Do this and you will win first place in every round.

After the race, you can pick a new car. Choose between the Bugatti Veyron or the Koenigsegg Agera. No matter what you choose, you can win the other one in a vehicle challenge. Choose your car and then attend the next race.

Alpinestars Eliminator Series
Miami, South Point Bay & Dubai, Jumeirah Beach & Paris, Arc De Triomphe
3 Rounds

Its time to test your racing ability in another eliminator race series. This race is you against the clock and the other racers. You must survive elimination to win the race.

Remember that the last car will be eliminated when the time runs out. Watch out for retired drivers and win this series.

Auto Express Race Series
Red Bull Ring, GP Circuit Reversed & Indianapolis, GP Circuit & Yas Marina, GP Circuit & AlGarve, Club Circuit
4 Rounds

This puts you back in the arena that you are familiar with. This is a race series where first place is the goal.

Coming in in the top three is imperative in these race series to gain points. This is a long race series so pace yourself. Strive for first so you can move on to the next race.

Rockstar Energy Faceoff Series
Cote D’Azur, Saint-Laurent
3 Rounds

You are back in another faceoff series. That means it is racer vs. racer in a race to the finish.

You must come in first to advance in this series. Come in first and move on to the next invitation.

Virgin Media Checkpoint Series
Miami, Downtown Speedway & Barcelona, Memorial Run & Okutama, Mizu Mountain
3 Rounds

The checkpoint series is tricky and very challenging. Can you make it to the checkpoint in time?

In checkpoint, you must reach the checkpoint before the time limit ends. This gives you more time on our clock. Get to first place before your time runs out.

Emarr Drift Series
California, Bixby Pass & Cote D’Azur, Route D’Azur & Okutama, Tenshi Way
3 Rounds

The Drift series is back. This is a chance to show off your skills as a drifter and gain some extra fans.

You must drift around corners to gain points. You can drift around orange posts to gain more points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the series wins.

ESPN Race Championship
Paris, Arc De Triomphe & Miami, Collins Park Ring & Dubai, Jumeirah Beach & Barcelona, Marine Gate & Chicago, The Loop
5 Rounds

You have finally reached the championship. Everything that you have worked towards for 5 seasons will now all culminate into this. The championship is sponsored by ESPN so this is serious.

This is a race series. You must race to the finish in every race. Points are given for where you end the race. This is a long series, but it is worth it. After this, you will put the WSR and yourself on the map.

Enjoy the cutscene at the end. You earned it.

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