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Grid 2 Walkthrough – Part 1

by Prima Games Staff

In Grid 2 you are literally in a race to be become the best driver in the world. You will join the elite in World Series Racing and become a legend in the sport. While you may be able to find your limit, we are here to make sure you push beyond it. Be fast, be first, and be famous with part one of our two-part walkthrough.

Begin the game by selecting the World Series Racing Option. Once selected, a cutscene will begin introducing the game to you.


Chicago Riverside
1 Race
2 Laps

The Windy City of Chicago is introduced. Get ready because the race will begin as soon as the cutscene is over. Get ready to go full throttle!

The purpose of this race is to gain notice. Do not worry about coming in first; just make sure you are not last. You begin with the Ford Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special, which is very fast, but it does not handle well in turns. Be sure to reduce your speed when approaching a turn and take it close to the inside. This will prevent you spinning out and should help you keep your place in the race.

Once the race is finished, a cutscene will begin.

Indianapolis Infield Court

Now that you have gained some notoriety, you have the chance to learn this course. Take your time to learn the course and your car. Once you are finished, end the session and then watch the cutscene.

Now you are able to create your driver profile. These are your personal details. Choose your name, age, and nationality and hit continue. Next, you can choose a name or nickname to go by within the game. Once this is done you can choose to sign up for an account or not.

Once that is finished you will be able to edit the difficulty and damage level of the game. The damage level determines if the damage will be visual only or if it will affect the handling or condition of the vehicle. Once this is done, hit continue.

Now, you will receive your first race invitation. Harrison Carter will invite you to the New Union race. This is a great opportunity to gain more popularity on the racing scene. Select the race when you are ready to begin.

California Race Pacific Way
1 Lap
1 Round

This is a dangerous course for your first club race, so be careful. This course has tons of tight spaces that can cause you to total your ride. This is also one course where you cannot ride the rails.

There are many cliffs on this course that can cause you to fall to the ocean below. Be sure to avoid these areas when you can. Also, if you are into dirty driving, feel free to knock some of your opponents off the side of the mountain.

Do your best to win the race, but coming in the top 3 will allow you to move on to the next race.

Once the race is over, another club that is interested in you will approach you. You will also be able to choose between the Nissan Fairlady Z Version S TT 2Seater and the Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero (S15). The Fairlady has the edge in Top Speed while the Silvia takes it in Power and Weight. Select which car you would like to use. No matter what car you choose, you will be able to win the other later in Vehicle Challenge.

You will now be able to choose the sponsors for you car. You can either choose them yourself or randomize them. Once chosen, some of the colors of some of the labels can be changed. You can also customize your car at this point as well. Once you are finished, select continue.

Next, select your event calendar and choose the next race. You have the option of selecting the New Union Race or the Trans America Pacers Faceoff. You can also test drive your vehicle as well. We choose the next race in the New Union Series

Chicago Race Marina City
1 Round
4 Laps
This is course is the one that you began the game with. There are a lot of open areas that can provide easy positioning. Keep your eye on first place and do not come in any less than third. After the race is finished, move on to the next invitation from the club.

Miami Race Art Deco Loop
1 Round
3 Laps

This course is easier than the ones prior. At the first turn, there is a huge chance to gain the number one position due to a wide turn. Do your best to avoid a pile up at this turn in the race and you have a chance to gain a strong position.

The rest of the course is full of wide turns. There are not many tight spaces which means that you can easily be passed by opponents. Gain the lead and push to the finish line and for first place. Once this race is complete, move on to the next club invitation.


Chicago Faceoff Marina City
1 Lap
3 Rounds

Faceoffs are a no holds barred race to the finish. This particular race has the potential to gain you up to 2,500 Fans! The cars that you are racing are very fast so be prepared. These races are racer vs. racer. This track should be the most familiar to you at this point. Be sure to avoid the 90-degree bends.

In these races you must come in first place. When you do, you must then race one of the winners of the other faceoffs. Keep winning, and you will race a total of three times. Win all races to gain thousands of new fans and open up new racing options. Once completed, move on to the next faceoff in Miami.

Miami Faceoff Ocean Drive
1 Lap
3 Rounds

Ocean Drive racetrack is full of wide-open areas and split lanes so be prepared. It is very easy to get caught in the speed and slam into a wall. While you don’t have other cars to worry about, hitting the barricade will still reduce your speed and increase your chances of losing your position.

This is the next to last race for this club. Winning this race will unlock the last race and also thousands of fans. Focus on turning tight instead of wide, and you will be at the finish line in no time.

California Faceoff Pacific Way
1 Lap
3 Rounds

At this point, you either love or hate Pacific Way. This tight course is full of obstacles that can cause you to not only lose your position and spin out of control. The course seems even more dangerous during a faceoff.

Be sure to use the tight areas to your advantage. Keep and eye on the arrow behind your car and box out your opponents to prevent them from passing you. Also, be aware of the ditches on either side of the road. Advance towards the finish line and conquer this club.

Next we will move on to the Vehicle Challenge Invitation. A manufacture will give you a car, provided you can beat the target time. Do you have what it takes?


Miami Art Deco Loop
1 Round
1 Lap

In this mode, you must defeat a time of 1:20:00. This race is simply you against the clock. Avoid getting caught in the wide turns and you will be fine. The time may seem short, but don’t rush.

You have enough time to drive carefully so take it. Keep and eye out for areas without obstacle so you can speed up to save some time. Make it to the finish line in time and the Nissan Silvia is yours.

Next, its time to tackle the Promo Invitation.


Freestyle Xtreme Overtake
Chicago, Lake Shore Point
1 Round
3 Laps

This challenge is all about exciting the fans. You will be given a specific objective in order to help you wow the crowd. Overtake is about passing the cars on the track. The more cars you pass, the more points you receive.

This is not a race. Just worry about passing as many cars as possible without causing a collision. The point value begins at a 100 and multiplies by the same amount when you pass cars in succession. Pass as many cars as you can and cross the finish line.

Once you have completed the Promo, take the time to complete any other races that you want. Try coming in First on the other races to gain more fans. When you are ready, enter the WSR.

You must choose between the Dodge Charger RT or the Chevrolet Camaro Z28. While the Charger has more weight, the Camaro wins in Top Speed, and Acceleration. You will be able to win the other car later in a Vehicle Challenge. Make your choice and then continue. 


Evo Race Series
Chicago, Liveroutes
1 Lap
2 Rounds

This mode features liveroutes that can change at anytime. You need to stay focused on in this mode.  Select the vehicle you want to use and then continue.

With liveroutes, the track constantly evolves and changes as you are racing. You have to rely on your new skills as a driver to make it to the end. Stay aware of all the typical pitfalls and be sure to maintain position. While it is always best to win, coming in the top three is very important.

This is a 2 round race so make sure you are prepared for that. You need to place high enough in the first round so you won’t have to play catch up in the second. Win both rounds to dominate the scene.

You now have new Vehicle Challenge and Promo invitations. Participate in those if you want to gain extra fans and cars.


California, Bixby Pass
1 Round
1 Lap

This challenge will be for either a Dodge Challenger or a Chevrolet Camaro!  You must beat the time of 2:28:00 on California’s Bixby Pass. Bixby Pass contains the typical California pitfalls.

Watch out for ditches on the side of the road and cliffs on the left. Stay focused and remember it is you against the clock. 2:28:00 may seem like a lot of time, but its not. Take time to avoid the pitfalls and find those straight areas where you can increase speed and gain ground.


Motor Mavens Endurance
Miami, Liveroutes
1 Round

This is a race of endurance. You must finish 3rd place or higher to win. The race has a time of 5:00. If you can last the entire time and place in the top three, you win this promo and a new legion of fans.

When ready, return to WRC


Motor Mavens Faceoff Series
California, Bixby Pass
1 Lap
3 rounds

This is another faceoff challenge. This means it is you against one other car in a series of races. Remember to watch out for the ditches and cliffs on the course.

This is a 3 round race so pace yourself. Remember that the challengers will get harder because only the best advance in this race. Take out all of your competitors and advance to the next event.

Intel Race Series
Indianapolis, GP Circuit
3 Laps
2 Rounds

This is a race where it is important to place in the top three within the first round. This race takes place on the GP Circuit in Indianapolis. This is a more traditional racetrack, which has more traditional issues.

The open lanes on this track make it easy for an opponent to advance on your position and take it. It also makes it easier for you to pass opponents. Beware of car pile-ups and continue to advance to the finish line in both rounds.


Before this option is open, you must gain enough fans. Once you have completed the Intel Race Series, if this option is not open to you, go back and make sure you succeeded in achieving a podium finish for each race. If you have enough fans, then start this race.

This race is for all the marbles. This is the championship race to close out the season. Win at all costs to end the first season of the WRC, and then get ready and recharged for the second race!


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