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Greninja Named 2020’s Pokemon of the Year, Top Ten Ranked

by Liana Ruppert

One Greninja to rule them all. That’s right! Google invited Pokemon fans to vote on who is actually the very best like no one ever was, and apparently the best is none other than Greninja. Greninja has been officially selected as 2020’s Pokemon of the Year. For those Charizard stans, don’t worry, that made the cut as well in addition to Sylveon, Umbreon, and more. 

 Top 10 Pokemon, According to Google 

1. Greninja
2. Lucario
3. Mimikyu
4. Charizard
5. Umbreon
6. Sylveon
7. Garchomp
8. Rayquaza
9. Gardevoir
10. Gengar

The “Pokemon of the Year” ranking began a few weeks ago courtesy of Google and it gave fans a chance to weigh in with who they think is the best pocket monster of them all. Personally, I threw my vote behind Mimikyu, but no shade to the Greninja lovers out there. I mean, you’re wrong but I promise not to hold it against you. 

Where do you stand on Google’s Pokemon of the Year for 2020? Did your fav get robbed or are you one of those filthy animals that voted Greninja? Sound off with your thoughts by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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