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Greenlit Content’s Charity San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Livestream Racked In Impressive Numbers

by Liana Ruppert

Greenlit Content hosted an amazing Esports Lounge at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 with the help of Mixer, State Farm, ShackNews, and many others to raise a stellar amount of money for Extra Life and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals. With nearly 750,000 viewers tuned in, the entire event was a smashing success that truly went above and beyond for a good cause. 

“The official Comic-Con Esports Lounge was a huge success during its inaugural year,” explained Bryan Dawson, Head of Esports for Greenlit Content. “Attendees were able to play a plethora of games on PC, Xbox One, and arcade cabinets. They also participated in daily tournaments to win prizes from Microsoft, HyperX, Team Liquid, and Arcade1up. It was a great accent on the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic-Con.”

The four-day celebration brought in over 12,070 fans that watched and engaged in the chats daily. This included well-known influencers, streamers, actors, and so much more – even a spicy hot sauce challenge! 

“The Esports Lounge was built for gamers by gamers,” said Liana Ruppert, Editor in Chief at Prima Games. “The vibes in the rooms were both relaxed and exciting, providing a place where the community could come together outside of the showroom floor, share what they love most about video games and give them a chance to show off those sick skills,” she continued. “It was an amazing event that showed off the strength of our community.”

The Mixer charity livestream focused purely on Extra Life, while Twitch hosted the St. Jude’s charity stream. Both focused on raising money for kids in need and their families with State Farm coming in with their big support with a donation of $15,000!

“The energy, on-site and during the four days of live streaming on the official San Diego Comic-Con Mixer page, was inspiring,” said Lou Adducci, Director of Community for Extra Life at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “Being able to celebrate Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals during the 50th anniversary of SDCC alongside Team Liquid, Mixer, State Farm, ReKTGlobal and its branches, Greenlit Content and Shacknews, was an amazing experience. Our community thrives in spaces where positivity dwells, and it was here in full force. We only see this event growing, adding to the Comic-Con experience for years to come.” 

“My time at San Diego Comic-Con was one of the best experiences I could ask for,” said Mixer streamer, TheLostDrake. “Hosting the official Mixer Comic-Con Channel with GlitterXplosion and the entire team was not only a blast, but the fact that we raised a generous amount on behalf of The Children’s Miracle Network through streaming is humbling,” he continued. “My community, family and friends all came in and showed support and brought so much hype to this amazing cause, not to mention a tear to my eye, exemplifying the generosity and good we need more of in the world!” 

Outside of the livestreaming event, gamers also were able to enjoy free games, a huge lounge filled with Xbox Ones and gaming PCs, with also a 4-day long gaming tournament where anyone could sign up to win big with games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat 11, and Fortnite. 

“The idea behind the Esports Lounge was to give everyday fans the ability to live the life of an esports pro for a few rounds of gaming,” said John Gaudiosi, president of Greenlit Content. “It was great to see families coming in and spending time gaming together. Parents could be seen filming their kids up on stage playing in Rocket League or Fortnite competitions while professional casters called the action.”

It was an amazing time following a similar success during E3, and another huge event on the horizon with GameDaily Connect taking over Disney in Anaheim, California from August 27th to the 29th. 




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