Grand Theft Auto V: Activities Guide

There's more to life than being a criminal in Los Santos.

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With Grand Theft Auto V now available in stores, one of the big draws in the game is getting in trouble, whether you’re in the midst of a multi-car highway pursuit or taking on gun-toting henchmen in a shootout. However, as with previously released games in the series, there’s more to life in Los Santos than getting into trouble.

A number of side activities are available, including sports and other leisurely ways to pass the time. We’ve already covered a few of the activities extensively, including golf, tennis and the vehicles you can race around in, but here’s a rundown of other things that you can do within Grand Theft Auto V. Take a break from criminal life and enjoy yourself.


You don’t necessarily need to chase down human targets in Grand Theft Auto V. The game gives you the chance to head into the foothills and hunt for sport, similar in a manner to Rockstar Games’ 2011 release Red Dead Redemption. You’ll hunt after such wildlife as deer and coyotes, waiting for the moment to get your prey in your crosshairs and fire away. Like a real hunting game, you’ll need to be delicate with it, because one missed shot will send your target running for cover.

The hunting action doesn’t stop there. The game also gives you opportunity to hit the water and chase after sharks. Granted, you don’t want to dive in the water and take them on hand-to-hand, because that’s suicide. With the right weapon, though, such as a spear gun or something of relatable power, you’ll be spilling blood in the water in no time.

Hunting not only gives you a chance to breathe easy, but also teaches you some of the finesse that goes into hunting and shooting targets. It could come in handy for enemies that strike from a distance, including snipers.

Base Jumping 

One of the activities we thoroughly enjoyed in previous Grand Theft Auto games is base jumping, where you climb to the top of a building and jump down, using a parachute to guide you to safety – or, if you’re nuts like us, not opening the parachute and going “SPLAT!” on the ground.

With Grand Theft Auto V, you get to do it again in a number of locations across the city, ranging from a bridge to a skyscraper. In some cases, it could be pivotal to completing a mission, evading police and thugs by jumping off and parachuting a good distance away.

For good measure, if you’re diving towards potential targets – or you just want to cause trouble – you can pull out your handgun and fire at them. It’s hardly a leisure sport at that point, but it provides stable stress relief.


Darts was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto IV five years ago, and it makes its welcome return here. Simply stop in a bar and you can compete against AI players in a “friendly” round of 301, where you try to get 301 points by throwing darts at certain numbers on the board.

The control method for this game is quite intuitive. You use the analog stick to aim the target at the board, but you can easily have shakiness that prevents you from scoring a perfect bullseye, or in this case, a Bullshot. In this case, hold down the right trigger to steady the aim a bit, and then hit the A or X button – depending what version of the game you have – to throw. 

You’ll gain access to darts by completing the “Crystal Maze” level in the game, and heading over to the Yellow Jack Inn, which is close to Route 66. Stop in and play a spell – and good luck getting a Bullshot!


Yoga is a curious new addition to the game, and while it doesn’t involve any extravagant gameplay elements – you hold certain positions to achieve perfect postures with each round – it’s kind of interesting to partake in, mainly due to yoga master Fabien LaRouche’s suggested positions. These include the Lucky Triangle, Punching Starfish and the Downward Facing Camel – so you can kind of imagine how they look.

Shooting Range

Looking to improve your targeting skills when it comes to your weapon of choice? Take a break and visit the local shooting range, where you can earn points by shooting at targets from a distance. Points range anywhere from 10 to 100, depending what degree of the bullseye you hit. It starts outward with black, then goes to blue, red and then yellow. 

You can use a number of weapons at the range, except for heavy ones like the RPG and grenade launcher – because, well, who wants to blow it up? This is a great place to work with smaller, trickier weapons like submachine guns and assault rifles. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a huge feature in this year’s game, as it enables your character to go and stay underwater for the first time in the series. You’re not just diving for fun, though. While you’re down there, you’ll be able to explore the city’s ruins, and possibly find some hidden treasure to add to your loot pile. It helps to have some intel on the treasure’s location first – just check around certain spots for clues. Once you get it, put on your scuba suit and enjoy the deep blue for a while.

Strip Club

Last but not least, if you’ve got money to burn and don’t mind relaxing a completely different way than with a sport, pay a visit to the local strip club. You’ll definitely get an eyeful while you’re there, and if you drop enough money, the ladies will certainly get friendly enough with you to provide a dance or two. 

There’s also a fun little mini-game where you can coerce the stripper to come back with you. Simply fill the “like” meter for the girl while she’s in the middle of her private dance – without the bodyguard taking notice – and your party can continue afterwards with “booty calls” and pictures of her delivered to your mobile phone.

Have fun with these activities. Live a little…before you get blown up, anyway.


Grand Theft Auto V is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out complete GTA V coverage in our Free Guide!

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