One of the most anticipated re-releases for the PlayStation Network, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto III was set to unleash its carjacking, secret-finding, thug-beating chaos a few weeks back. However, due to an unforeseen issue with certain rights to a song, the company had to delay the release.


GTA III delayed no longer; it appears Rockstar has worked out the kinks with the soundtrack, and the classic will debut on PlayStation Network as a PS2 classic tomorrow. For $9.99, you get to relive all the fun again, from running over elderly people to jumping over traffic jams to making mincemeat out of fellow criminals and cops. It's your world, you can do pretty much what you want. Just watch out when your Wanted rating reaches five stars: law enforcement gets pretty relentless.


Oh, just a word of warning – this is the original PS2 release, so don't expect any Trophies or HD enhancements like the iPad edition. But do expect loads of chaos.