Grand Theft Auto 5’s Best Characters

These heroes and villains won us over.

If there’s one thing Grand Theft Auto 5 has no shortage of, it’s characters. Whether it’s the three main stars of the game, Michael’s nut ball family or associates and enemies you run across, there are a number of personalities that stick with you, even if they don’t make it to the end.

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On that note, here is a rundown of our favorite characters in the game. We won’t mention Michael, Trevor and Franklin, as we’ve already outlined them in their own character guide. NOTE: there are mild spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Aunt Denise

Remember Denise Robinson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Chances are Aunt Denise stems from the same family line, even if she’s not the same person. She’s a lazy woman who lives with Franklin in their somewhat adequate home, spending a good amount of time watching television and driving her nephew crazy. That doesn’t mean she isn’t active, though. At one point, Franklin says that she’s “addicted to sex.” Thankfully, we never see how addicted.

Wei Cheng

You’ll run into a number of lowlifes and unlikable characters in Grand Theft Auto 5, but chances are Wei Cheng will get under your skin the most. He’s the vile leader of a Triad organization that wants to shift into Blaine County’s territory, but runs into trouble with Trevor, first as an ideal business partner and then a true thorn in his side – mainly due to business gone wrong. Wei is the father is Tao Cheng Jr., who doesn’t speak much English but shares his viciousness. Dealing with these two throughout the game keeps things interesting – and a little bit scary if you aren’t too fond of the Triad.


Michael’s family is rather interesting, between his spoiled daughter Tracy, who’s constantly at odds with her parents over the boy she’s dating; and Amanda, a disloyal wife who is part of the reason he returns to crime. That said, Jimmy is probably our favorite of the bunch, not only because he’s an avid gamer – c’mon, that’s a recognizable trait with us – but also his attitude. He’s pretty laid back most of the time, even when he’s making stupid mistakes – like trying to sell his father’s yacht. On top of that, we enjoy his conversations with Franklin.

Lazlow Jones

One of our favorite DJs from previously released Grand Theft Auto games, Lazlow Jones makes his triumphant return in GTA 5, appearing physically in the game for the first time while hosting Chattersphere, which he co-hosts with Michelle Minx. While he doesn’t have too much involvement in the story, he’s fun to listen to.

Fabien LaRouche

Fabien is easily one of the weirdest characters in the game, a yoga trainer who takes his work a bit too seriously. He’s come up with a number of positions that would be considered questionable by many people – including Michael, who isn’t too fond of his involvement with his wife Amanda. 

Lester Crest

Lester may be socially awkward, but that doesn’t mean he’s worthless. In fact, he helps Michael, Trevor and Franklin throughout the game, assisting them in putting heists in motion. He also puts together assassination missions that players complete for additional money. Despite his pudgy appearance and disability, you don’t want to get on his bad side. Just ask Wei Cheng.

Simeon Yetarin

You’ll have the pleasure of running across Simeon early in the game. He’s a guy who arranges repo jobs for Franklin and Lamar, while also working side duties in his auto dealership. His erratic behavior is unmistakable, as he spends a good amount of time talking trash to his customers and insisting they’re racists – even if they’re not. If you’re a fan of weird characters, he’s your guy.

Wade Hebert

Although he considers himself an intellectual, this dimwit is anything but, with slurred speech and his insistence on being a “juggalo,” a fan of the Insane Clown Posse. This means he spends a good deal of time walking around in clown make-up, as well as stretched earrings. He’s one of the goofier characters in the game, and the cousin of another popular character, Floyd. It’s just a shame he never gets around to drinking Faygo.


Finally, we have to give the nod to Grand Theft Auto 5’s mutt. This Rottweiler will remain loyal to Franklin, even if his mood isn’t always the greatest. He’ll ride along in cars, chase after baddies and even take some time to pleasure a female dog. What’s more, you can actually care for him in the supplementary iFruit app for iOS, feeding him and teaching him new tricks. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for full coverage on the game.  

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