Gran Turismo 6 has Microtransactions, but it’s Not What You Think

Despite including in-app purchases, Sony insists this is entirely optional.
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Gamers have a love/hate relationship with microtransactions, which quickly became somewhat of a dirty, groan-inducing word. We expect in-app purchases in mobile games since a.) these titles are often free to download, and b.) even if they cost some dough, it’s anywhere between $0.99 and $6.99.

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Throw microtransactions into $59.99 console game, and prepare for a heated debate.

That said, here’s something to chew on: Sony’s Gran Turismo 6, which debuts this Friday for PlayStation 3, contains the dreaded “M” word.    

This initially made us recoil, but Sony was quick to point out that unlike some games on the market, it doesn’t lock GT6 behind a pay wall. According to the publisher, in-app purchases are entirely optional. 

In typical Gran Turismo fashion, you’ll earn credits used to unlock new cars. From what Sony tells us, developer Polyphony Digital balanced the game in such a way that you’ll be able to acquire every single automobile through good old-fashioned gameplay.  

If you’re impatient and can’t stand the thought of driving a Honda Fit for two hours, you’re free to stock up on credits with some cash. These are the increments: 

  • 500k – $4.99
  • 1M – $9.99
  • 2.5M – $19.99
  • 7.5M – $49.99 

Sony dangles the carrot, and it’s certainly tempting, but again, the decision to buy credits is entirely your own. Otherwise, the amount of credits earned increases as you win progressively difficult events, similar to prior Gran Turismo games.

It would appear, at least for now, that microtransactions are here to stay. At least on the positive side, not everyone’s out to raid your wallet. Nor should you avoid all games that feature it. In some cases, you can forget it exists altogether. We doubt people will find a common ground when it comes to “pay to win,” but for those of us who’d prefer to step behind the wheel of a sports car sooner than later, it’s a cool means to an end.

Gran Turismo 6 releases December 6th for PS3.

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