If you check out Google today, you can straight up play a brand-new videogame. Doodle Champion Island is a Japanese RPG-inspired collection of sports-themed minigames celebrating not only the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but classic Japanese games, mythology and animation.

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This is one of the most substantive Google Doodles yet, and it includes work from Studio 4°C, an animation studio that has produced renowned films such as Tekkonkinkreet, work for games like Street Fighter IV and even several projects with DC Comics such as entries in the anime anthology Batman: Gotham Knight.

In Doodle Champion Island, you play as Lucky the Cat (designed by Studio 4°C), exploring a world designed to celebrate Japanese culture and enjoy some minigames. There are several different kinds of challenges such as skateboarding, table tennis, archery and more. And the whole thing is structured with a 16 bit-style overworld reminiscent of games like Pokemon or Mario Tennis.

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