Before Your Eyes is a brand-new game from GoodbyeWorld Games, along with Skybound Games and Verizon Media’s RYOT studio. 

GoodbyeWorld Games Announces Before Your Eyes A Game Played With Real-World Blinks

Coming to Steam on April 8, Before Your Eyes has a new and innovative mechanic to help further immerse the player in the emotional, narrative journey. The game is played by blinking your eyes in the real world. This is accomplished by the game detecting your eyes through your webcam.

Here is some more information from the press release on how this mechanic ties into the storytelling of Before Your Eyes.

“As life flashes before their eyes, each blink will help the players interact with the world or make the memory fade and disappear like a dream. Players move organically through the story and experience its emotional peaks and valleys in the most natural way until they reach the end of their journey and realize the ultimate truth.”

Before Your eyes is a game set on showing the real, fleeting moments that pass by in the blink of an eye. 

You can check out the official announcement trailer for Before Your Eyes below. 

When talking about the game, Ian Howe, CEO of Skybound Games had this to say

“While keeping our eyes open can help us see, closing them may at times reveal what we hide from ourselves, and I love how the game conveys this. Most of us at Skybound teared up while playing the game and are honored to help this incredibly creative team deliver such an artistic and relatable game.”

GoodbyeWorld Games is an award-winning independent collective of game makers based in Los Angeles. Its first project “Close Your” is the recipient of both the Indiecade Developer’s Choice Award (2014)  and the IGF Best Student Game Award (2015).

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