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Gods & Monsters: The New Game From The People Behind Assassin’s Creed

by John Cooper

The Ubisoft conference has been bringing the heat, and while a few things leaked ahead of time, that does nothing to stop the hype. It seems like despite a somewhat casual start the conference is in full swing now. We’ve had classical music, dogs, and even a new Wii game, but that’s not all. In amongst all of the new games, the brand-new subscription service, and a plethora of trailers is perhaps the most significant announcement. 


Yves Guillemot took to the stage to deliver a heartfelt message of love and gaming to the eager crowd, but of course, it wasn’t just a nice love in. Oh no. 

He introduced Marc-Alexis Cote to introduce his team’s new game, who talked briefly about Assassin’s Creed and history before waxing lyrical about mythology. Well, he is here to introduce the world to Gods & Monsters, which looks stunning. 

The trailer flew across the lush grass before passing what looked to be Medusa before panning to our new hero. Things then really kicked off when a harpy attacked the hero, and we got a small glimpse of what the combat could well be. 

Despite how short this little look at Gods & Monsters was, we even got a release date which is February 25th, 2020. Given the pedigree of the people working on this game, it certainly looks like one to watch, but who knows what it will actually be like. 

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