God of War Ragnarok finally got a true reveal during the PlayStation Showcase 2021. We got a full gameplay trailer showing off a ton of different story beats and environments. 

God of War Ragnarok Receives Full Gameplay Trailer During PlayStation Showcase 

The game focuses on two different antagonists, one you’re very familiar with, and an all-new villain to Kratos. Freya and Thor will be causing Kratos and Atreus some real problems.

The combat showcased in the trailer seems dialed up to eleven. After a somewhat restrained Kratos in the first game, the team at Santa Monica seems to have unleashed Kratos’ full arsenal. More information from the PlayStation Blog.

“As a team we’ve worked hard to take our learnings from God of War (2018) and improve upon combat to feel fresh, yet familiar. With God of War Ragnarök, one of our main goals was to push player choice in combat.

Whether it’s through hard hitting combos, a mastery of elements, or clever defensive tactics – you will find plenty of opportunity to fight alongside our duo in a way that feels uniquely expressive. 

Whatever your choice of combat strategy, the enemies that await in God of War Ragnarök will be ready. The realms have grown harsher, and a whole host of new creatures from across Norse mythology will test your skills.

From the trailer you can see what happens when Kratos finds himself under the hooves of the Stalker or grabbed between the jaws of a Dreki, and that’s just the beginning.”

We also know that Ragnarok will let players visit all nine of the realms, previously only six of the nine were available for exploration. 

The Blog post ends with the team saying they will see us next year and we’re excited to finally play God of War Ragnarok in the future. Check out the lengthy gameplay trailer below.

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