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God of War Movie Writers Talk Updating the Script

by Prima Games Staff

The God of War movie had a script written by David Self who did Road to Perdition and Thirteen Days, but it’s re-written by a duo that’s worked on the later Saw films, the Feast trilogy and Piranha 3DD. While there’s been a mixed reaction to the plans to bring on Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, but they insist they can make the new script more current.


“The only problem with [the script] is it was written before Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, 300 and Immortals,” Dunstan told IGN. “Those movies borrowed quite a bit from the God of War stories. It was just a little bit outdated, so we wanted to differentiate it from those other movies.”


Dunstan wants to put Kratos in the same context that Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy films put the Batman. “In the same way that Batman was grounded with Christopher Nolan’s rendition, we were attempting to do that with Kratos so that when we meet him – like they’re doing in this newest game [God of War: Ascension], which is sort of a prequel to the original – we’re seeing him before he became the Ghost of Sparta, when he was just a Spartan warrior and he had family and kids,” he said. “It’s potentially 30 minutes – give or take – of building up this character so that, when he does turn and becomes the Ghost of Sparta, we understand him as a human and we understand the journey that he’s going to take. We’re emotionally invested, so that it could go beyond just this one movie.”


“With God of War, the studio’s saying, ‘We’re going to spend $150 million to make this movie. We really need to understand this character and get behind him and feel his pain and feel his emotions so that, when he is in these giant set pieces, we’re in there with him and we’re feeling it’,” he detailed.


Here’s hoping that the God of War film, which has been in production in one form or another since 2005, turns out for the better.

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