April 20th lies just around the corner, a date which marks the year anniversary of Santa Monica Studios' PlayStation 4 exclusive: God of War. With Sony celebrating the milestone with a free theme and avatars, it seems that the director himself is teasing something a little extra to celebrate the game's birthday. 

We shared the free theme earlier this week, but Cory Barlog decided to retweet the special offer with a cheeky caption, "That's not all..." But, before you get to excited - he did add "Just so no one gets the wrong idea - there is no DLC coming for the game. Sorry." 

One fan joked that his initial tweet and subsequent responses were an emotional "rollercoaster," to which Barlog responded "Micro drama. That's how I roll." Jokes aside, the narrative of the latest God of War was a stunning spin on a beloved franchise. Seeing Kratos himself reinvented and firmly in his new role as a father was a journey that many PlayStation 4 players instantly fell in love with. Paired with a breathtaking soundtrack and an unforgettable story, it's understandable that fans would want DLC. 

So if it's not DLC, what could it be? We know we're hoping for news of a sequel, though it seems a bit too early for that sort of announcement. Perhaps there will be a limited-edition sale of new merchandise - maybe even a beautiful art print? Right now it's all just speculation but with April 20th right around the corner, we'll be finding out what he meant soon enough. 

As for the current God of War experience, it's available exclusively now on PlayStation 4.