Though we've heard about it for weeks now (ever since it was first officially announced at PAX Prime), Sony once again reiterated that its forthcoming beta for God of War: Ascension is just about ready to do some damage.

The beta will be launching this winter, specifically tailored for those who are members of the PlayStation Plus program.  However, along with that small bit of news, the team also talked a bit about the kind of experience you can have with the official God of War page, which can be visited at  On it, you'll live out a warrior's tale in a graphic novel style, and then choose from one of many warriors on the page.  Doing so could earn you access to the beta by winning a 30-day PlayStation Plus subscription.  Visit that page for more details.

Also, check out the new trailer here, which features a vengeful Zeus in action.  Jeez, calm down, guy!

God of War: Ascension hits stores March 12, 2013.