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GM Casey Hudson and Executive Producer Mark Darrah Leave Bioware

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, in a personal letter on the Bioware site, Laura Miele announced that both Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have left Bioware.

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This comes as a shock to many as Bioware is currently in the development of Dragon Age 4, a supposed Anthem rework, and a recently announced new Mass effect title. 

You can read an excerpt from Laura’s letter down below. 

“We strive for all of our studios to be places where talented creative people come to do career-defining work. A dimension of this ambition is that sometimes those people want to try something different. Casey Hudson, GM, BioWare and Mark Darrah, Executive Producer, Dragon Age are two of those people and they have decided to move on from BioWare.”

There are also personal letters from both Casey and Mark further explaining a bit more about their departures.

Here is the ending of Mark’s letter.

“More than anything I am thankful for the ability to have touched so many lives. To have given people a chance to explore themselves through our games. I like to think I have helped make some of your lives a little better. I hope I’m right.

I don’t know what’s next for me, but I’m excited to find out. Just as I’m excited to find out what Dragon Age now becomes.”

Casey’s letter is somewhat similar, stating he doesn’t know what’s next for himself career-wise.

In the meantime, Christian Dalley, formerly of Blizzard, will be leading the Dragon Age project and Bioware is actively searching for a new General Manager after the departure of Casey Hudson.

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