It seems that with some of its bigger projects, Ubisoft has a knack for producing a Hollywood-style film to go along with it, usually in DVD and Blu-Ray form.  That’s what happened with Assassin’s Creed Lineage last year (tying in with the release of Revelations) and now they’re doing it again with Ghost Recon as it readies for its arrival later this month.

The movie Ghost Recon Alpha will be releasing on the formats alongside the game on May 22 featuring a group of soldiers who battle the odds using future technology to their advantage, including high-tech weapons and other tools of the trade.  The film will last 25 minutes – about the same length as Lineage – and tell a little more back story that ties into the upcoming game.

It won’t set you back that much, with the DVD going for $7.95 and the Blu-Ray/DVD combo for only $14.95.  If you want an idea of what you’re getting into with it, you can watch it on G4 later today as it airs with the latest episode of X-Play.

Now if we could just convince Ubi to release a Rayman Origins piece…