Genshin Impact is gettings its first major update today. Gehinsin launched back in September but has already taken the world by storm. Many are calling it Breath of the Wild but anime, which isn’t entirely wrong. 

Genshin Impact 1.1 Update Brings New Characters, PS5 Compatibility, & More

The PlayStation Blog outlined what players can expect from version 1.1, which launches today. 

First and foremost, this update brings four new characters into the game. Now players can obtain these new characters using the wish system, which is the Gacha mechanic in this free-to-play RPG. 

The four characters are the bartender Diona, the rocker Xinyan, the Harinbger himself Childe, and last but not least, the consultant to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Zhongli!

Each character has their own elemental affinity and will be a great addition to an already stacked roster of characters. 

This update also brings along a bevy of new exploration and reputation features. 

“First off, we have the Archive. Here, Travelers will be able to check different areas they have discovered throughout their journey, view which weapons and materials they have (or haven’t) collected, and even review tutorials of various game mechanics. The Archive will be perfect for any completionist Travelers who wish to explore and collect everything possible in Teyvat.

Next, we have the City Reputation system, which will allow Travelers to accept Reputation quests in Mondstadt and Liyue. Completing these quests will increase Travelers’ reputation in the corresponding city and reward them with blueprints for useful gadgets.”

As if this wasn’t already a chunky update, there is still more. The update also comes with a ton of new weapons, new challenges, events, and PS5 compatibility (which will be 60 FPS). 

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You can read all of the official notes on the PlayStation Blog here.

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