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Geek Gifts That You Should Treat Yourself To This Holiday Season

by Prima Games Staff

Nothing says “happy holidays” like being in the spirit of giving, whether you’re picking up something for your beloved or snagging a few games for friends and family alike.  But let’s be honest, shopping can really take a lot out of you, especially if you’re running around to specialty stores trying to find that perfect something.

You deserve to treat yourself, and we’ve got a few gift ideas when it comes to doing so.  Now, not all of these may not be in your budget zone (some clear over $100), but you’ll definitely be happier with these things around.  Now get to shopping – and, as always, buy us something…

RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue Box Set ($179.95, various retailers)

If you’re a Halo fan, then you’re no doubt familiar with the Red vs. Blue series, lovingly put together by the team over at Rooster Teeth.  For ten years, they’ve amused us with a variety of shenanigans and great storylines, and now you can relive them with the deluxe packaged RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue Box Set.  Available in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats, the set comes with multiple discs loaded with all the episodes from the series, as well as a variety of extras, including behind-the-scenes goodies and more.  If you’re a fan of the series, this is a must, and if you’re a newcomer, there’s no better time to jump in.

Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun (, $59.99)

Yes, some time ago, made some awesome replica Portal guns, but they sold out quick and are now in extremely high demand over on eBay, going for well over $400.  If you prefer something a little budgetable, you can buy a smaller, just-as-well-crafted model from Thinkgeek.  Complete with glowing orange and blue lights, authentic sound effects, a display stand and a very light weight (we’re talking about a pound), this mini Portal gun is perfect for fans.  The only down side is that it doesn’t actually shoot portals.  You just can’t have everything, I suppose…

Wii U Nintendo-Styled Retro Skin (, $19.99)

Why do you have to put up with simple plain black or white colors when it comes to your Wii U?  Wouldn’t you prefer something that channels your geeky side?  With that, we recommend’s fancy skins, which can be easily applied and removed from your game system with ease.  Various styles are available to choose from, but, if we had to choose only one, we’d have to go with the Retro Horizontal, which decks out your Wii U GamePad and console to look like something out of the NES era.  You can also choose between high gloss and matte/satin finishes, depending on what look you want to go for.  The best part?  You won’t need to blow into your system to get it working.

Miami Connection DVD/Blu-Ray packages ($19.99-$29.99,

If you like cheesy 80’s films like we do – and seriously, we know you’ve got that copy of Howard the Duck DVD lying under your bed, don’t lie – then Miami Connection is the film for you.  An action tour-de-force that takes place in Orlando (yeah, it’s called Miami Connection despite that), the movie follows a group of Tae-Kwon-Do rockers who battle an evil drug-dealing gang with plenty of moves and teamwork.  This is sheer 80’s cheese at its best, and over at the Drafthouse Films site, you can order various packages of the movie, including DVD, Blu-Ray, and even VHS.  As a bonus, you’ll also score the film soundtrack for download free of charge, because it’s all about “Against the Ninja” at top volume.  Dragon Sound for life!

Video Games Live: Level 2 DVD/Blu-Ray ($29.99, various retailers)

If you haven’t been to a Video Games Live concert yet, you really owe it to yourself to go when you get the chance.  In the meantime, this DVD/Blu-Ray really shows the power of these events, through various live performances, including an interactive Space Invaders piece, a Guitar Hero competition, a full-blown Final Fantasy performance and a masterful piano tour-de-force with Martin Leung.  This release also has behind-the-scenes extras, including a peek at some of Tommy Tallarico’s most awesome guitars.  We’d recommend a Spider-Man guitar in this piece, but, honestly, even we can’t afford one.  Don’t miss this show. Subscription (varies,

You think you’ve got everything geeky in your life?  Hardly.  This monthly service, which sends you surprise geek goodies within an enclosed box, is a must for fans of games and everything nerdy.  You’ll snag everything from keychain Rubik’s Cubes to specialty t-shirts to zombie beef jerky (and, hey, it’s good, too!), all for a low monthly subscription price, which ranges from $19.37 a month to $109 for six months.  This package is well worth the price, and some of the deluxe Lootcrate packages – especially the Star Wars and Batman ones – are worth buying as well.  Tell ’em Prima Games sent ya, and use the cod GEEKHOLIDAY for ten percent off your next order!

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn DVD/Blu-Ray ($28.99, various retailers)

If you’re a devoted Halo fan (like us), you probably caught the five-episode live-action series that ran over the past couple of months, put together by Microsoft.  If not, you can relive the adventure with the release of either the Blu-Ray or DVD.  Featuring stunning visuals and a rather good storyline that ties in with the release of the game, Forward Unto Dawn also features a handful of wonderful extras, including a commentary with 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor.  No dedicated Master Chief fan should be without this.

Xbox Live/PlayStation Network cards (varies, various retailers)

And finally, if you’re not in the mood to buy a game outright, you can always stock up on virtual currency and buy plenty of goods, including arcade games, full retail releases for download and plenty of map packs and other DLC.  And, hey, you can get that “Gangnam Style” song for Just Dance 4 and Dance Central 3, and no one will ever know…