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Gears of War Movie: Dave Bautista Says He’s Tried “Everything” To Get Cast

by Liana Ruppert

Dave Bautista has been a strong name in the wrestling world for quite some time now and in recent years has made a major splash in film as well, most notably his time as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. With a Gears of War movie on the horizon, the wrestler-turned-actor has stated numerous times that he wants to play Marcus Fenix in the upcoming adaptation – he certainly looks the part – but it looks like it might not happen despite his best efforts. 

Bautista took to Twitter this week and didn’t shy away from letting his frustration from being known: 

Adding, “Believe me when I saw I’ve tried everything to make this happen,” it’s clear that Bautista not only has the look of Marcus Fenix, but the passion for the character as well. The characters of the Gears of War franchise, barring that of 4, all had unnaturally blocky builds for the average joe, but it’s that exact body type – and holy sh*t neck – that Bautista has. Not only that, but he’s proven to be a well-versed actor. Also, let’s be real, the fans want him. That alone is enough of a reason to give the man at least an audition. 

As for the movie itself, we don’t actually know much about it other than that it’s confirmed. Hopefully the viralness of his response will help the crew take a closer look at him as a potential for the upcoming Gears of War movie. 

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