Like Top Gun but aren’t too crazy about all the jet flying?  How about celebrating the classic movie the right way – with the guys from Gears of War?  No, they aren’t playing volleyball to a Kenny Loggins theme or hitting on Kelly McGillis, but they are doing what they do best, killing Locust Horde like bandits.

Epic Games has kicked off a special 4th of July multiplayer event for Gears of War 3, one that will allow you to earn double XP in versus, Beast and Horde modes across the board.  In addition, you’ll also be able to access a special “Top Wingman” playlist with alpha rules.  This mode will let you select a special weapon skin – all themed around the Top Gun film – per five starting weapons.  Here’s the full list of available weapons…

Maverick - Lancer

Viper - Retro Lancer

Goose - Hammerburst

Iceman - Gnasher

Jester - Sawed Off Shotgun

The event actually doesn’t have an end date to speak of, so we suggest hopping into multiplayer now and earning some mad XP.  And make sure you blast “Danger Zone” in full patriotic fashion while you do it.  You know, because you are dangerous.