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Gardevoir is Coming To Pokemon Unite July 28

by Jesse Vitelli

Announced this morning from the Pokemon Unite Twitter account, the psychic Pokemon Gardevoir will be joining the fight on July 28.

Gardevoir is Coming To Pokemon Unite July 28

Pokemon Unite was released last week on the Nintendo Switch and plenty of Pokemon fans have been flocking to their very first MOBA. The game features a solid variety of Pokemon, but new fighters are going to be the lifeblood of this game.

We knew Gardevoir was coming, but the fact that it’s being released only a week after the initial launch of the game is great. The other Pokemon that was previously announced is Blastoise, although we don’t have a release date for that character yet. 

Gardevoir is a ranged attacker in the vein of Alolan Ninetales. We get a brief glimpse of its abilities in the video posted to the Pokemon Unite Twitter, which can be seen below.

The game is currently free-to-play and if you log in before the end of August you will receive the mythical Pokemon Zeraora to add to your ever-growing roster of Pokemon. 

Pokemon UNite is out now on the Nintendo Switch and is coming to mobile phones this September.

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