GameWorks is looking to bring the FGC together again post-Evo with an exciting two-day Fall Fights pro tournament coming soon to Chicago! Produced by Low Kick eSports, the two-day event hosts 5 tournaments featuring the hottest fighting games out on the market today, including the beloved Tekken and Street Fighter franchises.

GameWorks has been an intricate part of the competitive scene since the mid-90s, a place where hardcore gamers called home. As tech grew and the community moved more digital and the competitive scene changed drastically and GameWorks itself evolved to focus on optimizing esport experiences with top of the line lounges and The Works Kitchen at GameWorks, an eclectic, chef-driven restaurant concept. Now the company is a proven leader in esports and is bringing in thousands of fighting game fans during a special Tekken Dojo event that not only allows players to earn Tekken World Tour points but showcases what GameWorks is bringing to the table, and also offers a place for competitive Street Fighter, SoulCalibur and more, with pot bonuses for every game! 

While Tekken is a huge focus for the event, it’s not the only game that will be showcased. For those looking to get in on the competitive fun, the five tournaments that will be featured include: 

  • Tekken 7 Tekken World Tour Dojo Event - $5,000 Pot Bonus

    • October 19 and 20

  • Street Fighter V - $250 Pot Bonus

    • October 20

  • SoulCalibur VI - $250 Pot Bonus

    • October 20

  • Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 - $250 Pot Bonus

    • October 19

  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] - $250 Pot Bonus

    • October 19

Specific tournament times will be revealed soon but the doors officially open at 10 AM and will be open for all ages until 10 PM. Food and beverages will also be provided, making this the perfect way to celebrate some of the best fighting games out now. 

Pre-registration is now open, found here, in order to win a piece of $6,000 cash prizes for $20! Onsite registration will also be available up to an hour prior to each event, though a $25 late registration fee will be charged in addition to the $10 tournament fee. 

Can’t make it to the on-site event with other gamers from around the globe? No worries! Each tournament will also be livestreamed for at-home viewing! Streams for the Chicago event will be available on the GameWorks Chicago - Schaumburg twitch channel here, on all other GameWorks channels, and can also be found here and here.