Activision wants to bring you to the dark side – of Skylanders, that is.

Through a collaboration with GameStop, it has introduced a new Dark Edition starter pack for the upcoming sequel Skylanders: Swap Force.

The story goes like this.  During a special mission, a group of Skylanders discovers a secret lair, where Kaos, the main villain, experiments with a new invention, known as "Petrified Darkness.”  Before they can do anything, the lair explodes, forcing the characters to absorb the darkness and use it for themselves.  The end result, as you might guess, is characters with a darker nature than most Skylanders.

The pack, which is now available for pre-order, includes a copy of the game, along with a Portal of Power, a Mega Character Poster, Sticker Sheets and Trading Cards, along with five exclusive characters – Dark Washbuckler, Dark Blast Zone, Dark Stealth Elf, Dark Spyro and Dark Lockjaw.  Those who pre-order can also get a free new LightCore Hex Skylanders figure as well – bonus!

The Skylanders: Swap Force Dark Edition will be available for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation. 

Skylanders: Swap Force releases on October 13th.  Be sure to check out our dedicated game page here.