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Gamescom 2023 Was Just Stage-Crashed By Another Bill Clinton Fan

It's funny until someone gets hurt.

Remember when the “reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton” kid crashed the stage during Hidetaka Miyazaki’s acceptance speech at The Game Awards 2022? Well, another one of Geoff Keighley’s events, gamescom 2023, was just stage-crashed by another Bill Clinton fan. Which raises two questions: Why does this keep happening, and how did they even get up there in the first place?

During the first few minutes of gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live, just after a new Starfield trailer was shown, a man climbed onto the stage and attempted to yell into Keighley’s microphone about Grand Theft Auto 6.

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“Bill Clinton wants to play GTA 6!” they shouted as Geoff quickly dodged out of the way. “I want to play GTA 6!”

Security rushed the stage and managed to get the man away, after which Geoff expressed his sheer disappointment. “This is such a special night for so many developers, and it’s really disappointing to see someone act that way,” he said. “But we’re going to move right on with the show.”

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Back in December 2022, a teenager interrupted The Game Awards, also hosted by Geoff Keighley. In this case, he actually managed to grab the microphone and declare, “I want to thank everybody and say that I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton.” The stage-crasher was later taken into police custody for questioning.

While it’s clear that stage-crashing and mentioning Bill Clinton’s name is becoming a meme, it sets a scary precedent and makes you wonder why security is seemingly so easy to bypass at these events…

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